We cordially invite you to participate as a sponsor of the 7th annual “Michael’s Run for Life Festival” on July 22-July 29, 2020. Our event will be virtual this year due to the current uncertain circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

In 2010, at the age of 26-years-old, Michael was diagnosed with Signet Ring Colon Cancer, a rare form of colon cancer known to be very aggressive and carry an extremely poor prognosis. With an infant son and an entourage of family and friends by his side, Michael underwent his first of many surgeries followed by chemotherapy. He then enjoyed four years of what seemed to be cancer free living. The Brown family strived to “Get Busy Living” for we knew that Michael’s time with us would be shorter than we desired. Michael was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer in 2014 and it was at this time that we founded the Michael P. Brown Colon Cancer Foundation.  With the help of a group of extremely ambitious friends and family, we held the first annual Michael’s Run for Life Festival in 2014. We knew that our efforts would not save Michael, but we have the hope that it will help the next family affected by this disease to experience a very different outcome. Michael sustained over 100 rounds of chemotherapy along with numerous surgeries, but never lost his will to live! He transitioned from this world to his forever home on January 10, 2019. Michael was extremely driven and left the world forever changed.

In Honor of Marie Heimann Davidson

Marie Heimann Davidson lived a full and predominantly happy life. Sadly, she passed away at home just before her 20 birthday on January 18, 2020. Marie died of signet ring colon cancer less than 2 years after her diagnosis.


Marie would whole-heartedly endorse the Michael P. Brown Colon Cancer Foundation for its fight to find a cure for signet ring cancer as well as for its founders’ positive way to “get busy living!” Her family are very grateful for Angie Brown’s support and generous kindness. It’s an honor and healing to be part of raising funds for the Seidman Center of Excellence for research that we hope will ultimately save lives from signet ring cancer. Marie agreed to donate some cancer cells to Seidman as part of their research hoping it will be part of helping future patients.