Randolph ‘Randy’ Alwood, died at age 73 after a long, courageous fight with stage 4 colon cancer.  I had the pleasure of calling this man my father in law.  Randy was a level-headed, hard-working, good guy.  His fight started with what we all thought was appendicitis, he had surgery and underwent many treatments for almost 4 years, all while continuing to work his many retirement jobs.  It was nothing for Randy to head out to tend to his tax assessor duties or his local water district operating job with his chemo ‘fanny pack’ on.  This man loved his family more than words could ever say; attending every sporting event that his grandson ever had and also watching his many nieces and nephews in theirs.  He was very involved in the rural community of ‘Smithville’ and always shared kind words with people as he passed them at various community events.  He is missed by all who loved him and I’m sure by those who just knew him.  I personally find it fitting that he went home to the Lord on All Saints Day, because of his kind heart and giving nature – a modern day saint in my eyes. 

* This photo of him is one of the last times he started up his beloved 1959 Corvette.