Stu was a loving and gentle man. He loved his family, his wife, and his two cats. He enjoyed children and dreamed of becoming a father someday. He could play silly games for hours with his two “pseudo” nieces as he lovingly called them. He also loved playing board and card games and spent many years creating and developing his own games, volunteering at game conventions, and supporting friends in getting their game-related companies off the ground. His favorite superhero was Green Lantern (John Stewart). He liked traveling and taking photographs of scenic landscapes. He spent a year travelling the country in an old Winnebago Brave. Stu was a good baker and excellent cook, the spicier, the better. Stu was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 36. He endured several surgeries and countless chemo and radiation treatments over the next seven years. He had good days and bad days but always tried to live the best life he could. We lost him way too soon and he is missed every day.